Educating the future.



Center Ed exists to educate, grow, and equip students for their bright futures.



We want to see every child receive individualized education based upon their needs and wants. Our methods and philosophies of education stem from a classical approach within a Montessori and Yamaha methodology. Classicism states that education is meant for educations sake. There is not a necessary “end goal” in mind, opposite to pragmatism.

The Montessori methodology means that we let the student (to an extent) guide their own education. Our incorporation of the Yamaha methodology is especially prevalent in our online music lessons; Yamaha states that the parent should be heavily involved in the students education and that the teacher or tutor is merely a guide. Our goals are clear for each student:


Learn to love learning.


Learn self government.


Strive toward greatness.


Have fun along the way.


“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”




In the summer of 2017 Johnathan McKeen-Chaff formed McKeen-Chaff Music after leaving a local studio where he taught 60 individual lessons per week. Later he formed Edge Tutoring to provide supplemental tutoring to k-12 students. In April of 2019 he decided to merge these two ideas into one in order to create Center Ed. Center Ed now provides music lessons and academic tutoring in-home in the Wesley Chapel area and online across the world. Each tutor and teacher follows the methodology and philosophy of Center Ed. Though the company is young, it is strong. With much on the horizon we strive toward this goal; that every student have the opportunity to have a personalized education.